Who is eligible?
– All graduate and undergraduate students who are attending USC full-time are eligible to play for the Trojans. We play to win and to graduate.

What skill level is required?
– We do accept all who are interested in joining our team, regardless of skill level. However, we are a competitive team, so practices are run to prepare for the stiff competition against our rivals, and we are not set up to provide skills instruction. To maximize your time on the ice, we recommend that you have knowledge of the rules of the game, and proficiencies in skating and stick handling.

How much does it cost?
– All players are expected to pay annual dues, which cover the costs ice time (practices and games), membership to USA Hockey, transportation and lodging for road trips, and team gear (helmets, gloves, pant covers, and socks). Jerseys are also provided and cared for by the team.  All other equipment is the player’s responsibility. To keep dues at a minimum, players are expected to participate in several team fundraising activities throughout the academic year as well as during the off-season.  For the 2013 season, dues were $2,000 for each player.

Where do the Trojans play/practice?
– Trojan home games are held at The Rinks – Anaheim Ice in Anaheim, going on our 15th season there. Along with being the home ice for the Trojans, Anaheim Ice is the Official Practice and Training facility for the NHL’s Anaheim Ducks. The rink has played an important role in their support of USC Ice Hockey, helping to provide a great experience for players and fans alike. Practices are held at Glacial Garden Skating Arena in Lakewood.

What conference does USC play in?
– USC Ice hockey is a member of the PAC 8 Intercollegiate Hockey Conference, whose other members include California, Oregon, Stanford, ucla, Utah, Washington, and Washington State.  The Trojans complete in the Western Region of the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA). The team plays approximately 25 games a season, including 3-4 road trips.